Bath salts

These mineral-rich blends are an ideal addition to aromatic, caring baths. Our natural bath salts are created exclusively using plant and mineral ingredients such as himalayan salt pink, black and dead sea.

The category includes, among others, such variants as relaxing, calming or warming bath salt. These products, thanks to their ingredients, have a restorative and healing effect on the skin, as well as deeply relax the whole body.

Relaxation and rest are obtained, among other things, thanks to the use in mixtures of essential oils and flower petals (e.g. rose or jasmine) with aromatherapy properties. In a warming bath, their aroma is released and pleasantly envelops our body, positively affecting the senses. In addition, selected cosmetics have anti-cellulite, smoothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Using a blend of jasmine, rose or oriental, we go on an extraordinary journey through a magical corner filled with aromatherapy scents and peace and relaxation. With us you will create a home SPA in the comfort of your own home!

Bath salts

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