Body Scrubs

They effectively exfoliate, and at the same time delight with a wealth of plant ingredients. The natural cosmetic body scrubs we offer are products consisting a weahlt of natural components,  among others shea butter, pine, rose, vanilla essential oils and dried orange blossom. Beautiful, intense fragrance is another delightful aspect.

 We have many different body scrubs. The offer includes, among others, salt or sugar scrubs refreshing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle, and many others. Thanks to their exfoliating effect, they effectively cleanse the skin, getting rid of the dead layer of the epidermis and stimulating the body to produce a new one faster. Thanks to the regular use of these prodcuts, the skin will become refreshed and regenerated, smoothed and firmed – and you will lfeel great. 

We hope that our salt and sugar body scrubs will take each of you to another, fabulous land – full of beautiful, intriguing fragrances, eye-catching colors and all-encompassing nature.

Body Scrubs

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